Alphonse Wilfred, CALED’s former Program Assistant, has joined the San Diego Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) as its Community Relations Coordinator.

The San Diego MCRT, championed by San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, provides clinician-led mobile crisis intervention services in the community to address behavioral health needs, facilitate transportation to immediate care, and link the individual to appropriate services. The Telecare MCRT offers crisis triage and management, risk assessment, in-person intervention, and care coordination.

Each team responds to calls from the mobile office van to provide services directly in the field in the following San Diego County Regions: Central, East, South, North Central, and North Inland.

Alphonse will be providing culturally competent, community-wide presentations, newsletters and promotional pieces, as well as answering questions about the services offered through the program to community members throughout San Diego County. He will help gather data and information about the program which keeps elected officials, partners, and community members knowledgeable on how the program’s progress.

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